Paint the world blood for the New World Order

I was on one of my frequent excursions into the imaginary world. This time I wandered much farther than usual. The long, aimless amble brought me onto the curious, ominous sight of a group of thirteen evil spirits convening around a round table. A spirit in red mantle over the black overall that they were all wearing, sat on the head of the table and delivered a speech to the attentive subordinate fellow dark spirits. I eavesdropped him making the following chilling remarks.

“Sodomy, check. Next on the list is murder. We shall get humanity to embrace killing as their culture, their identity, as we have got them to embrace sodomy and the rest of sexual perversions and obscenities, all the adultery, fornication, pornography, fetishism, bestiality, sadomasochism, transgender. This is the final project before the establishment of the new kingdom. The purpose of the project is, need I remind you, the normalization of the destruction of the human body, the true Temple of God.

Until now, we have only succeeded in defiling, desecrating the temple through sexual perversions. This is a feat we have been able to pull after we sedated humanity, lulled them into comfort, let the bindweed of comfort entangle their entire being. Consequently, we have built a back tunnel into their soul through mass media. Now the field is ready for the final attack.

We shall employ the same lethal strategy we used in acculturation of sodomy: lay the groundwork, implant in human psyche the new proposition, the proposition that murder is love, the ultimate expression of true love, that a person only in overflow of sublime love can perform. We shall condition them to this proposition through covert, subliminal messaging. We shall use the same back tunnel into their soul, the mass media, to execute this.

Assemble all our human disciples, all the artists, the poets, lyrists, novelists, stand-up comedians, painters, sculptors, photographers, script writers, directors, singers and send them on that mission at once! Get them to produce compelling contents in abundance for all ages, all the songs, movies, banners, photographs, sculptures, cartoons, nurseries with the venom concealed in them. Let these contents sing murder. Eroticize murder. Romanticize murder. Advertise murder — murder tasty! Make humanity laugh their heart out in hilarious dark comedies. Let the words “Sweet as taking the life out of a baby” come out of the sweet, lipstick glossed lips of their teen sensation in her hit song.

Make sure the venomous contents are ubiquitous, that they meet the senses of humanity wherever they turn their attention to and follow them into the privacy of their homes. Remember the loophole in human psychology: they cannot help but accept as truth what their senses repeatedly perceive in multiple forms.

Once this belief is built into their psyche, the project takes care of itself. The ardent among them will come out in the open and assert the truth of it. The mass at first, of course, will put up a last-ditch resistance to defend itself behind reason. However, all reason crumbles against the monstrous force of the blind belief we will have implanted in them, and they will surrender.

On the contrary, human beings shall invent reasons to justify what they cannot help believing, as they have done in the case of sodomy. Truth is whatever they are led to believe.

We shall sit back and watch as they scurry to rewrite the entire narrative on murder in their religion, law, history, literature, that existed from the beginning of time. They shall flannel obscene amount of money to their institutes of higher learning to get their learned to rewrite that narrative. Their learned shall declare that society had been mistaken in holding the view, the belief that killing was wrong, as society had been mistaken with regards to racism, sexism, caste system. They shall testify that murderers are the latest and most prejudiced on the long list of the prejudiced by the society, such as women, people of colour, transgender, queer etc. They shall declare that that prejudice began with the banishment of Cain for love-murdering Abel. They shall look upon Cain as the founding father of their new faith. They shall build museum, temples in his name as the father of their creed.

The learned shall contend that God Himself is a homicide; that the reason that God forbids humanity from killing is because in His over jealous nature He wanted only Himself to love-murder humanity. They shall say that God is never more beautiful as when he kills the 2.5 million people in the Bible.

Their finding shall be disseminated in every mass media known to man in every form possible.

Murder will be viewed as a thing of beauty. Art museums shall exhibit, along with portraits of the ‘greatest lovers’ such as Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper, gory photos of brutal murder they confiscate from the archives of the police, and people shall marvel at the art of raw animosity in the way the axe sank into the skull of the child, the violence in the splutter of the blood off the slit throat. They shall extol praise upon murderers who ‘come out of the closet’ and declare being murderers: the first openly murderer senator, the first openly murderer priest. Murderers shall flaunt their murders, wear it on their foreheads; the murders will be stars on their shoulders.

Killers will be presented as victims in the ignorant hands of society. The mass will come out in violent protest demanding for the release of all murderers in prison, at the risk of endangering their own lives by the killers marauding their streets, as they demanded the release of Barabbas over Jesus in the olden day. The police and the lawyers shall be the K.K.K. unto the ‘blameless’ murderers.

Let me play you a clip of the future I envisage,” the head spirit said, and he paused.

A black screen descended in front of the round table. A scene began to play on the screen.

In it, a journalist was interviewing an old man in wheelchair in front of a sympathetic audience.

“How long have you been in prison,” the journalist asks in compassion.

“Thirty years,” the old man replies in gruff voice.

“What for?”

“Love-murdering a family of four,”

The audience express their dismay in boos and grunts at hearing the injustice.

“How do you see the society today?”

“The society has progressed a lot; they are much more accepting of murder now than my youth days. It is heart-warming to see parents encourage their children from young age to express themselves, not hold back their feelings, but head to their kitchen, grab a knife and hurl it at one another. Beautiful times, I tell you. A woman in my neighbourhood has hammered her fifth husband to death this morning”.

“Aww!” the audience exclaim, touched by the grandeur of the woman’s love.

The clip fades out.

“The murderers shall be presented as paragons of love, purity, greatness in every late night shows,” the head spirit continued.

“Let me play another clip from my visualization of this future,” he adds.

The screen behind him comes alive.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the one and only Legion, aka, Animal,” a late night show host announces before a large enthusiastic hosts.

A short, hideous looking man comes onto the stage and is greeted to a thunderous applause.

“Let’s get right into the question that is in the minds of everyone right now,” the host says, bringing the applause to a stop, “How many lives have you love-murdered in your life?”.

In my life?!” the man repeats sarcastically, “Gee, I have lost count”.

People erupt into laughter.

“Alright, let me rephrase my question; how many today?” the timid host asks.

“Hmm…eight, including the maid I stubbed to death on my way here”.

This reply is received by a standing ovation.

“I am sure you are done for the day,” the host makes a nervous remark.

“Hmm, I feel a spree coming on,” the short man says, looking at the host menacingly.

An excitement ripples across the audience.

“Now, Animal, behave, no love-murder in public place, this is pornographic,” the host pleads.

“Relax, your show has taken away all my weapons,” says the short man.

Before he knows it, the short man pulls a combat knife from under his sleeve, jumps at the host and slashes at his eye in front of live TV. The host howls, his eyes bleeding and runs for dear life. The audience lets out an orgasmic sigh. The clip comes to an end with the short man running after him off stage.

The head spirit remains silent at the end of the visualization video.

“This is the penultimate step to the establishment of the new kingdom, the chaos that ought to precede and usher in the New World Order,” he goes on.

“The final attack shall only be a parade into the soul of humanity, unobstructed. The remaining human beings, their hands full of the blood of their fellow beings they slain, will be eviller than us and will roll out the red carpet in our welcome”.

Having heard them thus far, in my fright I jerked. A spirit among them spotted me and called the council’s attention to me.

The spirits motioned to grab me. The head spirit ordered them to stay put.

“But master,” one of the spirits cried, “he will go out into the world and alert them and foil our ploy”.

“Fear not,” the master assured them, “he is too little too late to cause any harm in this intrusion.

It would not make the slightest difference if we held this council before the world’s wide-open senses. When has knowledge ever saved humanity from impending peril.

“Besides, he shall divulge this discovery only at the risk of his own life because our disciples who proliferate the world shall stump him out just as soon”.

With that I fled away to the world of reality.



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