That elusive thing called communication

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Substantial part of my communication with the world takes place with the click shut of the door of my room, when I am alone, inside its four walls and the roof over my head, when no one is watching, in the little things I do and do not do with the me-time in my disposal. I am most transparent to the world when I am in the privacy of my room; the four walls and roof give me but false privacy. The world thus pays less heed to the incongruent acts I perform out in the open. That accounts for my communication breakdown with the world.

That applies to the mental world as well. Large chunk of my communication with the world takes place when I retreat to my mind, in the little thoughts and feelings I entertain about the people around me in the privacy of my mind. My thoughts and feelings in the false privacy of my mind are most transparent to the world. The world pays less heed to the insincere thoughts and feelings I consciously exhibit. That accounts for the disharmony in my relations with the people around me.

Hence, greatest part of my communication with the world happen indoors, when I am alone in my room and inside my head; the little physical and mental actions I perform have the greatest say in that communication, despite my best conscious efforts for it not to, because these little acts over time translate into my presence. I exude that presence wherever I go. The world reads that presence not in what I say and do not say, not in how act and do not act, not in the thoughts and feelings I exhibit and do not exhibit, but between the lines, in the infinite space between the finite lines of my words, acts, thoughts and feelings. Thus the spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “We communicate much more through our presence than the words”.



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