the Secret of who we are hidden in plain sight

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Warning. Keep away from this piece. Reading it is eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Blessed are those who do not know. Knowledge contained in it useful as it maybe will only corrupt you, as all knowledge does.

You have been warned.

This is the Secret of who we are hidden in plain sight.

Once upon a time before the beginning of time, a being appeared in the middle of nowhere. He thought and He thought the universe with everything in it into existence. Thought is creation. Creation is projection of being, of what the being is, into physical reality. It is how being reveals itself into tangible, physical reality. Creation is the revelation of being. Hence, the universe, in all its infinity, sublimity is the reflection of the Supreme Being; it is God in the physical form.

The central outcome of Creation is humanity, made in the very image of God. Being made in His image means being creators. You are a creator, in constant, nonstop act of creating a universe. In essence, the universe you create is primarily yourself. The whole people and events and circumstances in your life are just reflections of who you are, just as the pristine, infinite, sublime universe is the reflection of God (at least when it was first created).

Pause right this very second and take a good look at yourself, your life, all the persons and circumstances in it — your health, your job, the house you dwell in, your social life, the cloth you are wearing, the last meal you had etc. All of that is you — they are projections of who you are. You are looking at yourself. Whatever is in the physical sphere of your existence is you. They are you manifesting into a physical reality. You say, “Let there be” and ‘you’ become. Out of that ‘you’ springs your reality. There is only you. Nothing is outside of you. All your disappointment, frustration at the world are in effect at yourself, at what you have become. You are solely responsible for all of them.

On the larger scale, look at the world. All the wars, the crimes, global warming, the pandemic, lockdown etc — they are just what humanity has become, the physical reflection of the depravity in human psyche. Nothing on the face of the earth is what we are not. As the maxim goes, “As Within, So Without”.

In us, we have a faculty that absorbs spiritual essence from every experience we go through, even the most mundane, such as sitting around at home doing nothing, or the most cruel such as taking the life of a fellow human being. In all actions we take or do not take, we are in communication with that core essence. We choose to listen to it or ignore it. We are the outcome of that ongoing communication with our core essence. We evolve in its continuous flux.

Now you are less happy with the you that you encounter in the physical sphere of your existence. Perhaps that you is in the form of an obnoxious employer, a cold spouse, or in the form of events such as being met with disrespect.

You take concerted effort to change it. In your ignorance, you seek to create the reality you wish to have at the moment you encounter it. Perhaps you have a date. You resolve to make it the experience of a life time. You take your partner to the most romantic spot in town; you try to be in your best behaviour; you are measured, considerate, loving in the way you speak to them etc. Yet, at the end of the day, it is who you really are that comes through the whole interaction. Thus the spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “We communicate much more through our presence than the words”.

True lovers never go on a date. They just meet. In their meeting they turn wherever they are into the most romantic place on earth; a simple walk around the neighbourhood turns into a gondola ride on a canal in Venice; whatever they say carries vitality; the simplest of their actions is charged with love. Because that is what they are.

The only way to change your reality is to change yourself.

Everything is you. Nothing is that you are not. You cannot escape the reality you create; there is no escaping yourself. Own it. Do not fret. Do not beat yourself up. You can still change it. You can blotch those toxic people out of your existence. The way to do that is to come to a healthy communion with self. First observe your ideals and values. Make a note of them. Live them. At all times: when you go to bed; when you get up; when you go to work etc. Out of that healthy communion shall come healthy conditions.

The Secret is you are a creator in the perennial action of creation of self. Another term for self is ‘character’. Be very mindful that in all your tiniest actions and inactions and thoughts, you are creating the universe called you.

You were better off not knowing this knowledge because it will only inhibit you from living.



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